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Nora: A Doll’s House

Written by: Stef Smith, after Henrik Ibsen
Directed by Angie Higgins
Jan 18Feb 18, 2024
Northern California premiere!
The more things change, the more they stay the same in this bold new retelling of the classic A Doll’s House, which sets the story in 1918, 1968 and 2018. In each time period, Nora is the flawless wife and mother. But she has a secret that threatens to upend this precariously perfect existence. Ibsen challenged gender norms and outraged audiences when A Doll’s Housewas first performed in 1879. Today, we look back at the roles that women have been allowed to play during the fight for female suffrage, the swinging sixties, and the modern day, and wonder how far we’ve really come.

For more information visit: City Lights Theater Company

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