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“Angie Higgins delivers her bold and strong-willed Antigone with such pathos as to make her fatalistic journey to certain death an emotional rollercoaster ride for the audience. Her passionate and tense portrayal of extreme morality and ultimate sacrifice perfectly defines the term, Greek Tragedy.”

–Tri-City Voice, Janet Grant – review of Antigone at Broadway West

“With a rather unique twist, this production features a female Sherlock Holmes in veteran Broadway West actress, Angie Higgins. Ms. Higgins incomparable portrayal of the brilliant but socially callous detective, stays on the one hand, traditional Ð as the genius who waffles between glee and exasperation at her superior intellect and the inability of everyone else to keep up with her adept deductions. But on the other hand, Ms. Higgins brings more of a humanity to Holmes. Her flashes of humor reveal another side to the deeply flawed individual who regularly takes cocaine to escape the “dull routine of existence.”

–Tri-City Voice, Janet Grant – review of The Hound of the Baskervilles at Broadway West

“Then there is John’s mistress, Henrietta Angkatell, sensitively and hauntingly portrayed by Angie Higgins. She’s in love with a man who is incapable of loving anyone but himself. Can she stand by and watch him take up with another of his past loves?”

–Tri-City Voice, Janet Grant – review of The Hollow at Broadway West

“Angie Higgins is equally delightful as the unsuspecting fiancee, Randi Stein. She truly couldn’t expect what awaited her at the Gorski home, but her humorous facial mannerisms illustrated how she felt as she experienced her encounters with the family. But Ms. Higgins was quite adept in depicting her character with more complexity than you could suspect.”

–Tri-City Voice, Janet Grant – review of Greetings! at Broadway West

“The acting range by the four SVCT actors — particularly Angie Higgins playing the central role of Catherine — at the Sept. 19 performance of “Proof” was just as impressive as what I saw in many plays I attended in London’s West End theater district.”

-Morgan Hill Life, Marty Cheek- review of Proof at South Valley Civic Theatre

“Drew Campbell and Angie Higgins meet the challenge with complete control and confidence, fully embodying the tale and delivering it to perfection… Higgins is never absent from the stage and holds her ground with tremendous energy and passion. Her unraveling governess is sympathetic and engaging, while wholly disturbing.”

–Tri-City Voice, Julie Grabowski – review of Turn of the Screw at Broadway West


“Tall and leggy, as Elyot reports Amanda to be, Angie Higgins poses and postures her way to a perfectly divine Amanda… As Amanda, Higgins was adorable, taking poor Victor on a ride as she went from a sulk to a flirt in the lift of an eyebrow.”

-Metro-Active, Marianne Messina – review of Private Lives at Northside Theatre


“Angie Higgins adds just the right amount of flavor as country club member, do-gooder Baptist, and gossip Amy Lee, the three women together creating a dynamic mix of fun and friction.”

–Tri-City Voice, Julie Grabowski’s review of Laundry and Bourbon at Broadway West


“Remarkably, this little theatre company that could had the good fortune to harvest the cream of the crop for this outing. Supporting turns by Michael Swearingon (Bob Cratchit), Melinda Marks (Belle) and Angie Higgins (Christmas Past) are particularly noteworthy.”

–Gregory M. Alonzo, Bay Area Critic-At-Large- review of A Christmas Carol at Northside Theatre


“Miss Higgins’ “girl power”-infused production hits the emotional and entertaining highs and lows that Hamlet promises.

-“The Road to 1,000” Review by Marc Gonzalez

“It’s a Wonderful Life, adapted for the stage by Joe Landry and directed by Angie Higgins, delivers all of the warmth and sentimentality of the original film, but with even more nostalgia and creativity.”

-Tri-City Voice Review by Janet Grant

“Broadway West delivers a great night of live theatre with laughs coming fast and thick from all quarters. From the opening announcement to the final bow, you’ll find your face set in an unshakable smile.”

-Tri-City Voice, Julie Grabowski- review of I Hate Hamlet at Broadway West


“Director Angie Higgins’ smart, brisk staging is given full effect by the pitch-perfect timing of the estimable trio of talented actors who exemplify masculine heterogeneity and bonding among the bourgeoisie.”

-Gregory M. Alonzo, Stark Insider- review of Art at Northside Theatre Company


“Broadway West’s current play I Hate Hamlet is one of those shows that pays back your ticket price tenfold in the form of collective joy and laughter therapy…”

–Princess Susannah, Artsolot -review of I Hate Hamlet at Broadway West


“Attend the “The Unexpected Guest” and you can expect boffo performances by some talented artisans of the stage. Northside Theatre does Christie proud.”

Milpitas Post, Fred Crow- review of The Unexpected Guest at Northside Theatre


“Aided by the sly direction of Angie Higgins and astute sound and lighting design, one is in for a captivating two hours.”

–Gregory Alonzo, Bay Area Critic-at-Large- review of Deathtrap at Northside Theatre Company


Broadway West Felix Awards

Best Actress: Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the Baskervilles 2017

Silicon Valley Small Theatre Awards

Standout Classical Production 2013

King Lear- Shady Shakespeare

Standout Comedy Production 2013

I Hate Hamlet- Broadway West

Standout Adult Contemporary 2011

Deathtrap- Northside Theatre

Standout Classical Production 2011

Dial M for Murder- Broadway West

Standout Dramatic Production 2010

Woman in Black- Northside Theatre

Standout Comedy Production 2008

Picasso at the Lapin Agile- Northside Theatre

Standout Classical Production 2007

The Taming of the Shrew- Shady Shakespeare

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